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Are your trees stressed out this summer?

It is almost summer time in Phoenix, AZ! After getting spoiled by the falling leaves and cooling temperatures of winter, it can be hard to get used to Phoenix's blisteringly hot sun. As people are coming out of hibernation for the hotter months, their trees are also preparing themselves after a long winter slumber. One may ask how they can prevent their trees from becoming stressed out.

Luckily, Phoenix residents have many options on how they can keep their trees healthy and happy during the droughts of summertime. One way is to water your lawn or garden thoroughly once per week using a sprinkler system that penetrates deep into the ground. Whilst it may be tempting to try and water your garden and lawn more frequently, you should not do this as it can cause root rot and fungal diseases like Pythium. Phoenix residents can also water trees with a simple bucket or barrel of water that is caught from their downspout; however, we recommend using your second option as this helps to clean out your gutters as well as providing your trees with much-needed H2O.

Tree shade is also an important factor that Phoenix residents should consider before the summer months come around. During the spring and fall, Phoenix can be very temperate thanks to all of our amazing mountains which help keep us cool during the hotter times of year. This helps to bring down Phoenix's ambient temperature surrounding your trees by providing much-needed shade. If you are worried about losing too much of your garden to the shadows cast by your beautiful Phoenix trees, then there are many options that are available to homeowners which can help alleviate this, such as an arbor or pergola that would allow for vines or other climbing plants to climb and provide more shade to your yard. Phoenix residents can also consider having a Phoenix arborist come out and prune any dead branches in order to promote healthy growth for their trees, as well as installing a lightning protection system onto your Phoenix home which would protect both the inside of your Phoenix home and surrounding trees from being struck by lightning.

The last thing that Phoenix residents can do to avoid stressing out their trees this summer is by landscaping their Phoenix property with Phoenix native plants that require little water, are low maintenance, and are drought tolerant. It may be hard to imagine Phoenix being a dry desert at first glance, sitting as it does on the edge of the Sonoran Desert, but Phoenix does have its fair share of Phoenix native plants. Phoenix residents can consult with their Phoenix landscaper to create a Phoenix landscape that is appropriate for the summer desert conditions, and also maintain it easily with very little water.

Don't let your Phoenix trees become stressed out this summer! Phoenix residents have many options available to them when it comes to maintaining their property and promoting the health of their Phoenix trees. If you are interested in learning more about Phoenix tree care, Phoenix landscaping, or Phoenix gardening then be sure to request a quote from one of our Phoenix landscapers today!

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