How to care for your lawn in Arizona?

When most of us think of areas like Phoenix, Arizona, we think of grueling temperatures, sand, and very little water. The truth is that millions of people live in Arizona, and they have made the most of this beautiful but dry climate to have the property they desire.

Part of creating a great property is the landscaping used. While trees, shrubs, and other plants are important, there is truly nothing like a great looking lawn, but lawn care can be expensive and can be difficult to accomplish in the dry heat. Here are some tips that can help you to reach that goal, however.

Go with a bigger length

In providing the right maintenance for your lawn, there is a propensity to mow the grass short. This means it needs to be cut less, but it also puts your grass in danger. If you cut the lawn too short, you are basically scalping your grass. Understand that when your lawn is a little longer, at least three quarters of an inch in length, that helps it to be stronger and absorb more water from the soil. This will make it look greener and lusher.

Choose the right type of grass

If you are going to have a great looking lawn, then you need to make sure you were choosing the right type of grass. Truth be told, there are really three different types of grasses that prosper in Arizona. They are the hybrid Bermuda, Bermuda, and perennial rye. When cutting these grasses, you should do so where it is no less than 1 inch long and no more than 2.5 inches in length. This will help to keep your lawn looking beautiful.

Caring in the spring

As Spring is approaching, you want to make sure you provide the proper amount of care for your lawn. This includes controlling weeds and applying a fertilizer. Ensure that you provide special care for any spots that are beginning to look brown.

Summer care

Clearly it is very hot in Phoenix during the summer. To help care for your lawn, ensure that you water it daily, particularly before the sun rises. This will help to keep the moisture inside your lawn for a longer part of the day while still allowing it to benefit from the warmth and beneficial effects that come from the sun.

It honestly does not take much for you to care for your lawn. Using these proper maintenance techniques can do wonders in giving you a beautiful lawn for your home in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

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