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Live oak trees are great shade trees with little shedding


Why you should plant oak trees in your yard

If you live in Arizona, then you understand that the heat can become oppressive at times. Because so much of the landscape is open and the climate is so dry and arid, one can easily find themselves overwhelmed by spending even a brief amount of time outside.

To help reduce the effects of the heat, many home and business owners add trees to their property to provide shade. A tree is a perfect solution, because it costs very little to maintain, yet provides shelter from the sun beating down on your skin.

Go with the oak tree

If you are a person looking for the right tree or set of trees to plant in your yard, then maybe you should consider the oak tree. This is the perfect tree to add to your property, not only because it provides the adequate amount of shade you are looking for, but also provides additional benefits you may not have considered.

Very little clean up

If you are familiar with the oak tree, it has a large number of leaves that can help to shelter you from the heat of the day. Oak trees can grow to be quite large, giving you adequate shelter no matter how hot the day may be.

This is true of many types of trees, but one thing that separates the oak from others is the fact that this tree does not shed a large number of leaves. This means you are not going to spend hours outside on a Saturday or Sunday, raking in large numbers of leaves. This defeats the purpose, making you even hotter as you spend hours trying to remove the leaves that are covering your yard. That is an issue with some types of trees, but not with the oak.

The leaves look beautiful

One additional thing you are really going to like about this tree and its leaves is that they look spectacular year-round, especially in the fall. The many colors that these leaves display during the fall months are spectacular as you are going to see incredible yellows, reds, and bronze colors.

Made to last

In addition, the oak tree is one that can last hundreds of years. Many live to be 300 years or older. They can withstand windstorms and even periods of prolonged drought. This is truly the ideal tree to protect you from the sun without forcing you to do a lot of additional work to maintain it.

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