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Are neighbor’s trees hanging over your property line?

You may not be the only person in your neighborhood who wants to have a beautiful yard. It is likely that your neighbors have spent the time and effort to landscape their property so that it gives a beautiful look. This includes adding trees which not only improve the look of property, but also provide shade, something that is essential under the hot sun in Arizona.

When trees become a problem

While these trees do provide the needed relief from the scorching, hot sun, they also can become a nuisance in your yard. There may be an instance where tree branches hang into your yard, not only dropping leaves and other debris across your property, but they may actually pose a problem for powerlines and other structures. Plus, you may be worried about potential damage from the storm.

This kind of problem can become a serious nuisance. While you want to be respectful of your neighbor, you also want to protect your property and to have the kind of look and feel that you want for your own home. But what can you do about it?

You have rights!

There are many who are unsure of exactly what they can do about a situation like this. After all, the tree is actually planted in your neighbor’s yard, but a single branch or even multiple branches may be hanging over yours. What can you do about this?

The truth is that anything hanging over into your yard is considered your “property.” What is meant by this is that you have the legal right to protect your property and the structures on it, which includes the potential risks from branches that may be hanging over from a neighbor’s tree. 

If this is the problem you are facing, then you have a right to cut down those branches if they pose a risk to your property. Truth be told, even if there is no risk, the branches still considered on your property because it hangs over the property line. You have the right to remove that branch and trim it or cut it down altogether as you see fit. Your neighbor may not like it, but that is the law.

Of course, you should try to be as courteous about this as possible. You want to be a good neighbor, and starting a war is not beneficial with someone you may be living next to for a decade or more. The best place to start is to approach them and discuss your issue. Tell them you would like the branch removed. They may be happy to assist you. At the very least, you gave them the chance.

Get a professional to help

If you decide you need to remove a branch or set of branches, hiring a professional is to your benefit. This can be dangerous work, especially if you are working around structures or powerlines. Hire someone who can remove the branch and ensure that it is done safely. This will help to give your property the look you desire while protecting you at the same time.

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