Five great shrubs to plant in the fall here in Phoenix

The fall is a beautiful time in Phoenix. It is still sunny and warm, but the heat is not oppressive in any way. It is just a beautiful time of the year to enjoy time outside, especially sitting in your yard barbequing or just relaxing on a cool fall night.

This is also a great time of the year to plant shrubs. Just because the summer is over does not mean that you cannot plant beautiful shrubs around your home. This will give a great look for the winter and these shrubs will continue to grow and prosper during the cooler months. Here are five you want to consider planting in the Phoenix area. 

1. Texas Sage

The Texas Sage is a beautiful plant, as it provides an amazing color twice a year. Generally, the plant is green for much of the year, but it has beautiful purple flowers that will last for a long time, especially if this plant is watered properly. The great thing about this plant is that it can thrive any time during the year, but it prospers best during the Fall and Spring. Talk about the perfect choice for Phoenix!

2. Trailing Rosemary

This is a small shrub that has an incredible fragrance that will be spectacular for your yard. Plus, the small blue flowers that grow on the shrub are amazing looking. One of the things you will really like about the shrub is that it does not require much water ride. It is a beautiful plan involves does a large array of temperatures. Plus, each plant does not take up a significant amount of room. This ensures that it is easy to maintain.

3. Flame Honeysuckle

Arizona is known for its heat and bright sunshine, so choosing a plant that has a very powerful and beautiful orange, red flower array is truly the perfect choice. The leaves are a light green, which presents a beautiful contrast. These plants can survive temperatures as low as and require minimal amounts of water as well. They are sprawling plants, meaning they are perfect if you would like to place them along an area where you have a pathway for a long offense or wall.

4. Baja Fairy Duster

If you are looking for a shrub that is ideal for temperatures as they are beginning to cool, then this shrub is your choice. The Baja Fairy Duster has dark leaves with red poppy flowers blossom all year long. This plant can grow to as tall as 5 feet and really presents a beautiful shrub for your yard, especially if you are looking for plants that grow more upward than outward.

5. Camellia Sasanqua

These plants normally bloom to their fullest in the spring, but they also provide beautiful pink flowers in the fall as well. One of the things you will like is that it requires a minimal amount of water and works well with a small amount of fertilizer. This is a great choice that will look beautiful in your yard year round. 

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