Why do I get weeds when I have yard service?

Murphy’s Law says that what can go wrong, will go wrong. It means that you can take all the proper measures to ensure that things are done the right way, looking for the perfect results, yet still wind up with things going against you.

This is one of the challenges that people face when they care for their lawn yet still wind up with weeds. They hire a lawn service to ensure that weeds are not an issue, but they still become one. Why does this occur?

It is a battle

Let's start with the most obvious problem. Weeds are like any other type of plant. They are meant to thrive in areas that provide them with such things as water, good soil, and sunshine. When that is available to them, they are going to grow.

Plus, if you look at most weeds, you are going to see that they have seeds and other germination mechanisms that are located at the tip of these plants. Those seeds easily become airborne, traveling across your lawn or other part of your property. There they land on the ground, beginning to grow. Even if you are taking all the perfect precautions, you are still battling the lifecycle.

One additional problem you face is that there are some seeds that are dominant for an area. Phoenix has a few of these, where the plants have thrived for thousands of years and have grown to overcome treacherous conditions. They are resilient, and are ready to do battle against your best efforts.

Consult with your lawn care specialist

While this can be a frustrating battle, it is not a losing one’s. At least not in the foreseeable future. You can have a lot of success in getting rid of weeds in your yard, even if they have started to grow.

It starts with consulting your lawn care specialist. Many have herbicides that work directly on weeds that are commonly found in the Arizona area. They can use these products to help fend off the weeds without doing damage to any of your other plants.

You should also be aware that any good lawn care specialist will provide you with a guarantee of work. While they are not going to permanently protect your property against weeds, they should offer you a guarantee into the fall. A good specialist knows that they can help to keep your lawn looking beautiful and hold back the weed intrusion.

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